Dear applicant,

welcome and thanks for your interest for INHUBBER!

Here you go:

For accomplishing this assignment, you get 4 hours of time.

The task is to create a document repository browser app using ReactJS & Redux, which should communicate with a test backend app (runs with node 9!) over its API, which implements JSON-API as data format and uses MySQL database internally.

Your application should do the following: 

  • Show an overview of all books
  • A sortable table of books with title, author, published date, number of chapters
  • A search field for searching by title, last name of author with auto-suggestions
  • By clicking on a book, it should show a book details page with Title and other attributes
  • Inside of the details page, you have a button for creating / editing a book review comment in a WYSIWYG text editor of your choice, which allows formatting. The reviews for books don’t need to be persistent, but should be stored in the browser session (disappear after page reload)

Explicit non-functional requirements:

  • Clear and structured UI design
  • At least some Unit Tests

♥ Super-bonus is given, if you let the user download the comment contents as a PDF or DOCX!

Please create an npm project. As soon as you have finished, either share us a link to a repo or send us a zip to [email protected] (and [email protected] to cc). If you have some troubles understanding the task, write us.

Have fun!

Looking forward for you code,