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Milan Panara

Head of Data Intelligence
Why are you working at INHUBBER?

At INHUBBER I like the challenge of building a brand-new product using various deep learning algorithms which aims to help various business enterprises in their contract execution.

Also, it’s a place where your opinions are welcomed with an open heart. Such an environment creates an atmosphere where relationships flourish and due this I have made a lot of close friends.

What values does INHUBBER represent for you? Why are they important?


There has to be an innovation to stand aside from the common crowd. For me it’s important because it lets me grow as the company grows as well.

What goal do you set for yourself at INHUBBER?

Being an “AI” guy, it’s never enough to say that I have achieved expertise in any “xyz” area, because the way innovations are happening in machine learning nearly every day,

I would like to be a part of those innovations, explore the unexplored area in NLP with various deep learning technologies and work upon the research and implementation part through which I can stay up to date as well as provide a stable product for the best user experience.

A motto / quote you are living after?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

What motivates you to get your job done? or What drives you in life?

“Just do it”. As soon as I think something needs to be done, I jump into it. First step is always the hardest.

What is important to you besides your job?

Family and well-being.