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Digital signature and the real estate market

The digital signature saves valuable time. A digital signature shortens the time between agreeing the terms of the lease and actually signing the lease. Electronic signatures are not only a good solution, they are also an absolutely secure way to sign the contract, because the processes are 100% controlled by INHUBBER. For fixed rents, a simple or advanced digital signature is permitted. However, for contracts with staggered rents, the law requires a qualified electronic signature with an identity check. Use the digital signature when renting flats or commercial properties to private or corporate clients.

Surely you agree with us: “Print, sign and scan” is annoying and you can do it better. That’s why digital document management now replaces the stacks of paper on your desk. With INHUBBER, you can process your documents digitally in a simple and legally secure way, save resources and do something for the environment at the same time.

Today’s state of affairs with many landlords

A potential tenant is interested in a flat or a corporate client in a commercial property. The tenant makes contact and is interviewed in the next step. Then he will visit the property. In the course of the conversation, you then ask for his identity card, write down the necessary data, and refer to the fact that you will get in touch with him.

This is how the process could work in the future (digital signature rental):

A customer expresses interest in a flat and then receives a request for a self-disclosure.

The tenant receives the information in the workflow and decides whether and when viewing can take place. After a positive visit, the employee gives the contract department the order to add the contract to the customer’s digital workflow with the data previously generated by the customer. The new tenant signs digitally using his digital signature, all of which costs the tenant nothing and is digital throughout. After the signature, the accounting department receives the information to obtain the SEPA direct debit authorisation, also via the workflow, deposit regulations can be individually defined in the process. At the end of the digital process, the caretaker receives the task of handing over the flat to the tenant and sends the digital handover protocol.

The tenant can complete all of this from anywhere using a tablet that the employee presents to him or his own mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Finally, the contract parts are “signed” electronically in a legally secure way, according to the valid elDAS law. This process saves you time and costs the client nothing! INHUBBER guarantees that the data cannot be changed afterwards. 

Thus, we offer you a highly secure and cloud-based solution, in a German data centre, and with the necessary security certifications. This means maximum security for your company. The sales representative has the possibility to see when and how often the customer opened the contract until he signed it. Here it could be defined that after 3 days an automatic request is sent again to sign the contract.

Inhubber can automatically recognise and highlight information from contracts, such as deadlines. You may avoid transmission errors and process costs can be greatly reduced as staff time is spent on creating, sending, tracking, merging and handling documents. This allows your staff to concentrate on what really matters: the customer and their care.

INHUBBER offers artificial intelligence for your leases

INHUBBER’s artificial intelligence can automatically recognise and highlight information from contracts, such as deadlines and termination dates. You can avoid transcription errors, if necessary, and process costs can be greatly reduced, as staff can spend time creating, sending, tracking, merging and handling documents. This allows your employees to concentrate on what is really important, the customer.

Hardware and software requirements.

New implementations often fail due to organisational hurdles, such as the installation of new software or the purchase of various hardware components. This is not necessary with our solution! Inhubber offers an immediately available solution! Whether from a mobile phone or a PC, you can start immediately.

Digital tenancy agreement another step on the way to complete, digital leasing

The digitalisation of processes in the real estate industry has made great strides in recent years and has led to faster and more convenient work processes for portfolio owners and property managers. The letting process has also already been digitalised in detail at most housing companies – but usually not across the board.

While work steps such as marketing the flat, coordinating viewing appointments and communicating with prospective tenants are often already carried out digitally, the rental contract is still concluded in the traditional way. Although the digital conclusion of the contract is the logical continuation of a digital and efficient letting process, there were legal hurdles that prevented the use of an electronic signature for the rental contract.

The handwritten signature under a rental contract is done quickly, but the contract preparation and appointment coordination tie up valuable human resources. Even for the appointment of signing the contract itself, the responsible employee has to block at least 30 minutes of his time. Some landlords are already resorting to sending contracts by post in order to minimise their workload. However, sending contracts by post also has its pitfalls.

On the one hand, there is the risk of contract revocation, as it can be a distance selling transaction. On the other hand, the process usually takes 11 to 14 days – from drafting the rental contract, to signing it with several parties, to archiving it. 

Legal hurdles

The benefits of digitally signing leases are clear, but legal problems have prevented its use so far. By law, tenancy agreements do not need to be in writing and are therefore already legally binding with a simple electronic signature. This would be the case, for example, if the contract is sent as a PDF and the tenant inserts his signature as an image. However, this simple electronic signature does not usually stand up in court as evidence.

In order to achieve a level of security comparable to that of a handwritten signature, a so-called advanced electronic signature is necessary, such as that offered by INHUBBER. This leads to a reversal of the burden of proof and, if combined with a strong identification procedure, the advanced electronic signature represents a secure means of proof.

An electronic signature can reduce the signature process to a few hours. At the same time, printing and postage costs are saved and the environment is also protected. The electronic signature offers advantages especially for landlords. Here, printing costs are eliminated and the completely digital document can be digitally archived in optimal quality without scanning.

The legally secure digital tenancy agreement with Inhubber

INHUBBER’s digital tenancy agreement signature has successfully overcome these legal hurdles and provides a legally secure electronic signature for tenancy agreements.

Ease of use

On the landlord side, top priority was given to ease of use without additional logins. As soon as all tenants have signed the contract, the authorised signatories receive an e-mail with the request to sign. The process can be started with a click from the email and also requires no identification. If desired, landlords can also set it to sign in front of the tenants. After each party has signed, the completed contract document is sent to all signatories via email link.

Integration into existing infrastructure

The digital tenancy agreement signature is set up as an independent module, so that landlords who do not use the Inhubber software or have never been in contact with it can also use the digital tenancy agreement. INHUBBER’s signature platform does not provide contract templates, but allows landlords to upload their own contracts and have them digitally signed and signed.

With Inhubber, it is now possible to digitally encrypt the leasing process end-to-end without compromising on legal security.

Secure, fast and simple digital contract signatures with the help of blockchain technology will make your everyday work easier from now on. Regardless of the file format, blockchain technology ensures maximum auditability and transparency during the entire signature process. Sign as many contracts as you like and always keep an overview, as every contract change is documented fully automatically.

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