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About us

Our Mission

Create and guarantee a trusting relationship between people

Make contracts understandable, automated and as easy as a handshake. We make trust per default. Our AI explains contracts for you.
Contracts become gentlemen’s agreements again! With us you have a thousand lawyers on your side 24/7.

Our core values

  • Innovative

    Right from the beginning of INHUBBER existence we put a high emphasis on constant innovation. The combination of blockchain and AI technologies is only the beginning on our journey of constant learning and improvement.

  • Customer driven — Intuitive & Easy to use

    We believe that a company can only be successful in a close collaboration with its customers. That is why we constantly strive for an exchange and feedback from our customers. We also put a high emphasis on the intuitive usability achieving already an onboarding time of 15 minutes.

  • Security and trust

    Dealing with contracts, it is highly important to provide a highest level of security for our customers. We provide the two factor authentication, the end-to-end encryption and are constantly working on even increasing the level of security for you — to make INHUBBER the most trusted and most secure platform for contract management.

  • Sustainability

    At INHUBBER we invest 1 % of our revenues for a good cause. Currently we are contributing to a project for mitigating climate change by reducing illegal logging of tropical forests. With help of our blockchain based contract management we aim to provide supply chain transparency for timber coming from tropical forests. We do it in a close collaboration with umWELTwet e.V. and Hamburg University.