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All tools for contract management
in one solution

Create, manage and sign your contracts.
Never miss a deadline again and keep track of all your active contracts.

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Digital signature

Secure advanced digital signature based on blockchain technology.

Any file format

With INHUBBER you can sign any file format like PDF, Word, Excel, MP4, JPEG and more. Sign as many contracts as you like for free and always keep track of the signature progress. Every contract change is documented in a fully automated way. With INHUBBER, you don’t pay per signature and neither do your partners.

Security and transparency

Maximum security with Blockchain technology. Control of the contract signing process with automated change documentation. INHUBBER provides an end-to-end encryption for your contracts. Every contract is encrypted individually providing you the highest level of security possible.


Dashboard meets you every day to keep you up-to-date.
Your one-stop section for tasks and progress.

Enhance your work

INHUBBER’s powerful teamwork feature set will increase your company’s efficiency.

  • Cloud storage

    Secure cloud storage thanks to blockchain technology. There is end-to-end encryption of every contracts stored on our platform. Every INHUBBER user receives a special Security Key. With help of this key our users encrypt and decrypt the contracts stored on our platform. The two-factor authentication provides maximum security of your data. Your contracts are as secure as in a bank.

  • Workspaces

    Make collaboration with colleagues more efficient. Share your contracts with the entire company or department. INHUBBER workspaces make collaboration with your colleagues more effective and efficient. Share your contracts and important information encrypted and GDPR compliant within one platform.

  • Events

    Create events with automatic reminders about the end of a contract or the start of a delivery deadline. Don’t miss any contract cancelations anymore. The automatic reminders will let you know right on time when the contract is coming to an end, or a certain delivery is due.

  • Templates

    Speed up your work. Create or upload your templates and share them automatically with your colleagues. Your partners can fill out the templates and share them further for approval or signature.

Up to 50% time savings
for your company

All features · No credit card required