Contract Management and Operating Platform

Contract lifecycle and execution system as SaaS on the blockchain

Our vision:

“A globally networked, secure and democratic
Ecosystem of Trust for businesses.”

Why are we there?

There is a contract at the beginning of each business relationship.

Without a prior contract, no economic activity takes place. A contract can never cover all eventualities, so the 'trust' factor between two (or more) contractors should always be given. Due to the advancing globalization of economics, business relations are becoming ever more complex and thus the necessary contracts are becoming increasingly extensive. The existence of contracts alone is not yet a guarantee of its upright fulfilment.

In order to remain competitive, companies strive to increase the efficiency of the business processes both inside the enterprise as well as external relationships. To achieve that, they can resort to highly specialized service providers, such as logistics companies, lawyers, financial service providers, insurance companies or customs agents. They can also implement highly complex IT solutions and business intelligence systems. Access to both variants is in most cases highly cost- and time-consuming, particularly for micro-enterprises and SMEs.

Therefore, especially SMEs are facing a permanent lack of cost-efficient solutions for securing contract fulfilment and transparent process optimization.

Solution: transparent, cost-effective and efficient management of inner and outer-company relations

In order to address this challenge, a new approach is needed, enabling the tight interlocking of contract management with just-in-time controlling, connecting seamlessly company departments, as well as business partners in cross-beneficial well-coordinated networks. As a result, that would enable companies to establish and control their relations with other companies around the world: secure, fast and cost-effective, and above all - without intermediaries.

Our product: Contract Management and Operating Platform

The product of INHUBBER is a blockchain-based online contract operating platform with governing and monitoring skills. Our innovation consists of a business-process-oriented approach to contract creation. Embedding of formal business processes description directly into the body of a contract makes it self-executable. It enables contracts to observe the real process state and to implement the contract conditions. As a result, we boost trackability of the contract state and compliance with in-house and outer processes.

The new approach is accomplished by putting business process owners in charge of modeling and managing contracts, using their business process perspective. Other stakeholders from each contracting party can be involved in the creation, negotiation and controlling.

Using our system, your company can safely enter new contractual relations (along with its supply chains). You can easily create and negotiate on-line your multi-party contracts of any complexity and size directly in collaboration with your partners straight from your browser. After that, our software takes care of ensuring contract coherence as well as just-in-time contract execution. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

What makes us special?

We are proud to claim governmental support

The Project INHUBBER is powered by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund within the EXIST-Program.

Our partners

Our team

Leonid Mechik

Areas of expertize:

  • business intelligence (BI)
  • supply chain
  • blockchain
  • innovation
Andre Sokolov

Areas of expertize:

  • information technologies
  • enterprise software
  • digitalization of business processes
  • blockchain
Dan Kaplan

Areas of expertize:

  • administrative law
  • corporate law
  • Legal Tech

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