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Contract Management in Procurement

17. Apr, Wednesday at 12 pm Berlin time GMT +1 (online)


As organizations strive to improve their procurement processes, contract management is becoming an increasingly critical area of focus. Effective contract management can help to reduce risk, increase compliance, and drive cost savings for your organization.

In this webinar, our expert speakers will share their insights and best practices on contract management in procurement. You’ll learn about the key components of successful contract management, how to optimize your procurement contracts for maximum value, and the latest technologies and tools that can help you streamline your contract management processes.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering:

This webinar is ideal for procurement professionals, contract managers, and anyone else involved in managing procurement contracts. Whether you’re new to contract management or looking to take your skills to the next level, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from the experts.

So mark your calendars and join us for this informative and engaging webinar on “Contract Management in Procurement”. Register now to secure your spot!


key2contract GmbH (INHUBBER) ist ein in Berlin ansässiges Softwareunternehmen, das eine innovative und hochsichere B2B SaaS Vertragsmanagement-Plattform entwickelt. Das Hauptziel von INHUBBER ist es, eine zuverlässige und intuitive Vertragsmanagement-Plattform zu entwickeln, die KMU den Zugang zur Industrie 4.0 ermöglicht.
Dr. Elena Mechik
Chief Operating Officer, INHUBBER
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