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Paper costs have been reduced by 50% and time to closing a contract has been shortened immensely

We have already been dealing with the topic of digitalization in the company for more than two years. When INHUBBER approached us with their smart contract solution, their digital signature and contract analysis using AI, the cloud-based application was tested at our company with a small team.

At first a coordination and familiarization meeting took place. When we met Ms. Elena Mechik, COO of INHUBBER, we had a good feeling after the first, detailed conversation and knew that this application can facilitate our daily work and work organization. Ms. Mechik explained the structure of the platform to us in an understandable and comprehensible way. Particularly noteworthy is that the application is very plausible and yet secure thanks to blockchain technology and thus fully meets the requirements of the GDPR.

With the help of the software, our employees can view contracts and all related information at any time. The automatic deadline reminder function helps us to ensure that we don’t miss any important deadlines. The users have the option to individually store deadlines and notes. The whole operation is very schematic and easy to understand. This is also one of the main reasons why more and more employees and departments have gradually become enthusiastic about it. The clear handling of the application enables our entire staff to familiarize themselves with it quickly. The digitalization of the workplace is thus brought into focus and supports our employees to work paperless.

We use INHUBBER successfully within our company group and have been able to increase our productivity noticeably and save paper at the same time.

— Jan Taschlizki, CEO, TTI Group


The INHUBBER contract management solution supports us in signing contracts, managing company contracts and sharing contracts with our employees. Security is ensured by documenting every transaction in the blockchain. The blockchain guarantees us a secure contract organization while being easy to use. The smart contract solution protects our contracts from unauthorized access and helps us to retrace all steps of contract processing, if necessary.

Individually defined authorizations enable separate access rights for individual employees. However, if exceptionally a document should be sent to another department, it is possible by sending this document directly from the own filing system.

Before implementing INHUBBER, TTi relied on costly and inefficient paper processes. Thanks to INHUBBER, paper costs have been reduced by 50% and time to closing a contract has been shortened immensely. Customers, agents and employees are delighted.

One crucial feature was missing at the beginning: a connection to Microsoft Sharepoint, so that we can access the contracts signed using the INHUBBER platform from all areas. The topic of integrating a Sharepoint and other systems was in the pipeline at INHUBBER, so the implementation and building of a Sharepoint integration was prioritized for us. Barely two months later, the whole thing was implemented and a large-scale roll-out in the company was planned.

Normally, no big introduction or training is needed, but at our request, short trainings as well as short videos were offered as training material for some users of our company.

Thank you INHUBBER for the great platform!

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